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The Long Road to Perdition
The Long Road to Perdition

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Showdown in BeanTown --  Carlo Cavazutti

Showdown in Beantown

Boston has always been the city of treachery, deceit, terrorism, the cradle of freedom and organized crime from the Irish, Italians and the Albanians. It has been home to traitors, martyrs, heroes, a hot bed of segregation and integration and the men who kept the city safe even in the face of big time corruption.

But heroes never failed to rise to the occasion even when they could have stayed out of harms way. But hasn’t it always been the hero who runs to danger instead of away from it?

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The Rise of Chloe -- Carlo Cavazutti

Cavazutti Crime: The Rise of Chloe -- Coming Dec 10th from Melange Books

Mikhail Brozovitch has come up through the ranks of Spetsnaz, KGB and the FSB. Now the highly trained operator has turned arms dealer to the worst of the worst all over the world with the blessings of his Kremlin masters. But he makes one fatal step making a multi tens of million dollar deal with one of Mother Russia’s sworn enemies, the Chechens. He is forced to flee with his beloved Marisha who is also the mistress of President Grigori Chekov. Not only are they pursued by the FSB but also one very deadly female assassin known as Gina and her protégé Chloe.

Gina, Chloe and the FSB chase Mikhail all through Eastern Europe, Italy and Sicily before they can corner him in a secreted mountain hideaway in the hills near Catania which is overshadowed by Mount Etna. Two distinct Mafia clans control the area through which they must pass, and both clans demand their tribute. After all, deals must be brokered. But who survives to the end!

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The Long Road to Perdition

Banished to a DEA resident office in West Texas, Agent Tammy Taylor uncovers a meth lab run by the Juarez Cartel. She, along with several other operatives gain valuable information from Silver, a sultry Cajun Queen and expert on the Dark Web. With two solid informants; a member of the Devil’s Henchmen and a Juarez Cartel member she puts together a rock solid case. Then the hell storm starts.


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