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A Priates Booty Carlo Cavazutti
A Pirate's Booty

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Latest Happenings

A Sneak Peak of what's coming...A Pirates Booty

For hundreds of years adventurers have hunted for the treasure of the Spanish Galleon, La Bella Donna but stymied at every turn. That is until Synthia Morales walks into Chez Rendezvous and tells a story of a long lost relative and sole survivor. A tale that Carlo overhears and the search is on. Danger, treason and subterfuge lurks from everywhere and he must put together a top notch crew.

The Long Ride to Perdition is now available!

Due to all of us being quarantined I am giving my fans, new or old, to get a signed copy of Showdown in Beantown and the sequel The Rise of Chloe for $18 each signed sealed and delivered. Just email me if your interested.

Showdown in Beantown is out now! BUY: Amazon | B&N | Smashwords


and available from the same outlets, Long Ride to Perdition due out in November and take off the appearances. Damn this Covid thing!

The Rise of Chloe is out now! Amazon | B&N | Smashwords

The Long Ride to Perdition is due out in November. More details to come later!



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