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Showdown in BeanTown --  Carlo Cavazutti

Showdown in Beantown -- Coming in June

Boston has always been the city of treachery, deceit, terrorism, the cradle of freedom and organized crime from the Irish, Italians and the Albanians. It has been home to traitors, martyrs, heroes, a hot bed of segregation and integration and the men who kept the city safe even in the face of big time corruption.

But heroes never failed to rise to the occasion even when they could have stayed out of harms way. But hasn’t it always been the hero who runs to danger instead of away from it?

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I enjoy reading an exciting new author ...
His knowledge of tactics, weapons and technology is point on making the story all the more believable. And he can cook! ... The book contains many surprises and kept me page turning for most of one night.
If book one is as good as I say, then I can't wait for book two and three.

Cynthia W.

Showdown in Beantown is the first novel in the Cavazutti Crime Novel Series. Showdown is very strong in its imagery and character development. Particularly the relationship between Carlo and Sly. Cavazutti’s depth of knowledge in the Boston environment and detail, is evident right from the start. His no nonsense approach, mixed with his desire to champion for the underdog, makes for a strong read from cover to final chapter. Here’s to many more Cavazutti Novels to follow.
Todd S.

I had the pleasure of reading Showdown in Beantown by Carlo Cavazutti. It was filled with drama, suspense, excitement and betrayal. The knowledge, history and the violence of the Albanian Mob was very informative. I particularly love how the character Carlo mirrored the author's own personality when communicating with the ladies. I'll be waiting patiently for his next book.
T. Lauzon

Cavazutti's new and first book Showdown in Beantown is not one to be looked over. His character development is superb and makes the reader feel that they are right there in the story hearing and imagining what each character must have looked like. I developed empathy for some characters and out right revulsion for others. The ending was spectacular as I was cheering on the protagonists, and cried when the group all parted. It was an emotionally gripping novel. I can't wait for more.
Taylor M

Carlo's book, Showndown in Beantown pulls the reader into the nitty gritty ethnic street scene and way of life in the fringe neighborhoods of Boston. His knowledge of the area and criminal organizations with his own voice perspective is compelling. Add all this to the hot romance, brutal violence and subplots that surprise the reader, make this book a must read.
Dale T

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