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A Priates Booty Carlo Cavazutti
A Pirate's Booty

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author pictureWelcome to my website, Cavazutti Crime.

I currently have three books published with a fourth in the works. Showdown in Beantown is my first and The Rise of Chloe is the sequel to Showdown. The Long Ride to Perdition came out in December and is a stand alone that plays off the first two. Please go to the Books tab for a brief synopsis of all three.

The first is Showdown in Beantown and takes place in none other than Boston. A beautiful hip hop and rhythm and blues media producer is being hunted by the Albanian Mob. They want her business to launder money and other nefarious activities. She turns to the once homicide detective now private investigator Carlo Cavazutti and his band of shooters and looters. Can they overcome this new Mafia?

The Rise of Chloe picks up where Showdown in Beantown ends. Part of Carlo’s gang was a female assassin hunted by law enforcement all over the world. She gets a job on the Dark Web to take out a Russian arms dealer. She, along with a new recruit, the Russian FSB, hunt Mikhail Brozovitch through Eastern Europe, Italy and Sicily. Who survives to the end of this rapid paced chase.

The Long Ride to Perdition takes place in far west Texas. Hardass female DEA agent, Tammy Taylor along with shooter and looters from her past take on the Juarez Cartel. The Cartel is also doing business and a 1% biker club, The Devils Henchmen. A crooked judge, related to the old time Judge Roy Bean, is neck deep in crime and corruption along with a host of other local dignitaries.

My books are now for sale!

Thanks for visiting.

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